The Impact of Facebook on Today’s Society

23 Sep

by Johanna Mary C. Valdez

In today’s internet age, social-networking is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with people. One of the most widely used social-networking sites is Facebook. People all over the world use this site for chatting, sharing pictures, etc. Undoubtedly, Facebook has a great impact in the young people of today’s society. However, the effects derived from interacting with other individuals through social-networking can be both harmful and beneficial at the same time. Being a user myself, I am well-aware of the effects that FB has on teenagers. Let us start with the good ones.

First of all, easier communication can be done through FB. You can share information with one or more individuals at the same time. You can also meet friends, old and new, on Facebook. FB contirbutes greatly to educational aspects as well. Students can allot information regarding schoolwork, such as projects and assignments. You can also display your interests, birthday, age and even your relationship status. Photos and videos can also be viewed on FB. All in all, Facebook has a very positive effect on teens all over the world.

But even though Facebook is a good asset to today’s modern society, it also has negative effects that can really harm the individuality of a person, as well as their priorities. To start off, PRIVACY is a major aspect in our life, we like to keep things to ourselves when we don’t want to talk, but this is not really observed in Facebook. When you display personal information online, it can be accessed by people you don’t have any knowledge of. This allows them to know more about you and become closer with you. Situations like these can cause the following:

Stalking, it is a scary thing- and it comes in two types, online stalking and physical stalking. Online stalking refers to virtual communication, such as e-mail, chatting, etc. When you display your contact numbers and e-mail or anything that might enable someone to talk to you, they can communicate with you easily. Physical stalking is, of course, following and observing someone. Now that is really scary, so if I were you, be careful with what you put online.

Another danger regarding privacy is Identity theft. Some people who use Facebook display too much information, such as e-mails, school or workspace, date of birth, contact numbers, home addresses, etc. Sometimes, with enough information, other people can impersonate you. They can steal your money or acquire privileges by pretending to be you. Then, the next you know, your bank account is empty!

The last negative effect is not as serious or humanity damaging as the first two, but it’s still bad. Introducing the last, and the most common pessimistic effect of Facebook on modern day man is…… Addiction! The people who get addicted to FB nowadays are young kids like me. What happens is  they neglect their studies and prioritize Facebook more that’s why they’re tired or sleepy when they go to school because they stay up late chatting with they’re friends. They forget to do their assignments and they forget to study for quizzes and other examinations, resulting to failing marks. What a world we live in.

Facebook is not really all that. It has good sides and bad sides. The above-mentioned reasons are proof that Facebook can not only be helpful for you, but can also be quite harmful. I should know, I’m a user myself, and as much as I like Facebook, I control myself, because I know my priorities and it’s definitely not there. It is in the torture we all know as school, but even though school is an absolute pain in the behind, it has a whole lot more sense than what Facebook has to offer. Facebook is fun, and you can communicate easier with your friends.  That’s true, but you should know when to stop and when to enter your e-mail and password and click  “Log-in” , you should know your responsibilities, and as a young teen, it’s not Facebook…. It’s school.


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